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Queen Berngerd,
Little Engel a
The Pocket Geor
The Story of Ti
The Return of t
The Story of Yv
The Giant of Be
Proud Signild,
A Supplementary
Hafbur and Sign
Romantic Ballad
The Expedition
The Fountain of
The Expedition
The Dalby Bear
Signelil A Tale
The Bible in Sp
The Talisman, f
Tord of Hafsbor
Ulf Van Yern, a
The Tale of Bry
Letters of Geor
The Welsh and T
Welsh Poems and
The Mermaids Pr
The Turkish Jes
The Romany Rye
Romano Lavo-Lil
The Bible in Sp
Wild Wales Its
Isopel Berners
Lavengro The Sc
"War to the Kni
The Squatter's
The Last Chance
The Ghost Camp;
The Crooked Sti
Shearing in the
Robbery under A
Plain Living: A
Old Melbourne M
Old Melbourne M
In Bad Company,
Babes in the Bu
A Modern Buccan
A Colonial Refo