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Iseo Franciacor
A Wanderer in H
Highways and By
Giant City Stat
On the Banks of
A Voyage round
Alaska, the Gre
A Summer in the
Bessie on Her T
The Diary of an
Cities of the D
North Italian F
The Pearl of th
The Discovery a
Pygmies & Papua
The Holyhead Ro
The Boy Travell
On Horseback Th
The Story of Ma
The Quest of th
Stray Leaves Fr
Some Pioneers a
Scenes & Advent
Rambles by Land
Ocean to Ocean
Narrative of a
My Life in Many
My Attainment o
Midst the Wild
Maximilian, Pri
Journeys in Per
Journeys in Per
Incidents of Tr
In the Arctic S
Historic Waterw
From Egypt to J
Equatorial Amer
Down the Yellow
Down the Columb
Crusoe's Island
An Account of t
Among the Canad
Afloat on the O
Adventures in t
Adventures in S
The Gourmet's G